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Small Business

We are the go to solution for your business communications

We Get It

Swordfish excels at enabling communications for start-ups and small businesses in any industry. We came from start-up roots as well, so we get it. We’re in a unique position to really know what it takes to do things right for your business.

Small businesses face difficult challenges. You have to meet increasingly higher customer expectations without an increasing business budget. You have to operate a modern, responsive communications system without the IT staff of larger competitors. Your imagination and ingenuity are limitless, but your resources aren’t. Swordfish can help by providing:

  • The best feature set available with a satisfaction guarantee delivered at the lowest cost, period
  • The highest quality phones, switches and routers are included
  • High end capabilities such as Unified Messaging, IVR, Call Centers and Mobility are included
  • Our Swift Service comes with every solution which includes 24/7 monitoring and maintenance
  • Local tech support with a 2 hour guaranteed response time


Features Designed For Your Small Business

Our Interactive Voice Response solution is available in every plan we offer. You can easily create automated attendants that are always ready to greet and help get your customer to where they need to go. You can customize your company greeting, menu directory and call routes to route callers to the appropriate person or department.

  • Easy set up
  • Change greetings depending on selected criteria
  • Ability to use unlimited call routes
  • Managed by a web portal or our customer care

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We can design your interfaces to replicate those of your existing communications systems, making them simpler for you to learn and use. You don’t have to totally change the way you do business just because you upgraded your communications technology.


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You can automatically or manually record calls that come in to your business and keep track of your business related happenings.

Record inbound/outbound calls for select extensions, departments, or the entire office.

  • Recordings automatically stored in our data center
  • Download recordings or listen to them in the User Control Panel
  • 1GB of storage included for free
  • Set filtering options to navigate large volumes of recordings

Call Recording offers limitless utility for businesses. Recordings are used for training purposes, meeting company security or compliance requirements, and improving customer service management. Sales and support teams can use Call Recording as a tool to reflect and expand on their sales tactics.


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Make 3-way calls without having to use complex button codes.

  • No need for a Conference Bridge
  • Add an outside caller
  • Add an inside caller
  • Add/Drop callers

3-Way Calling makes small scale conferencing quick and easy, allowing you to add a third caller into your current discussion. All this can be done without dialing into the Conference Bridge, maximizing your team’s efficiency and productivity during business collaboration.


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Small doesn’t mean basic. Your phone system stays up to date with new features as we make them.


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