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ISP Fusion

Today’s always on and connected solutions require reliable networks with enough bandwidth not to impair function or quality. ISP Fusion from Swordfish provides it.

With ISP Fusion, we won’t just earn your trust, we’ll keep it.

Our bonding and aggregating technology solutions will improve your network quality and reliability. Hear From Our Customers>>


ICE Fusion has a Guaranteed Up-time backed by a SLA

A value that goes beyond just a low price.

ISP Fusion seamlessly aggregates the carriers that connect you to the cloud to fit the needs of your business communications. We offer features that, until now, were out of reach of all but the Fortune 1000 class companies. Now, curating a network to fit your needs has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Some of ISP Fusion’s Most Popular Features

Bandwidth Bonding


Session Persistance

Hot Failover



Bandwidth Bonding

Connect to your cloud server with the combined speed of all your WAN links. Enjoy faster Internet access by using your server’s high-throughput connection.
  • Remote Streaming: Stream videos and transfer large files quickly, even in remote areas with limited Internet access.
  • Combine Different Sources: Fiber, Cable, MPLS, LTE, DSL: use them all together to increase your bandwidth.

Session Persistence

Combine any type of connection from multiple ISPs to create a highly available connection between your device and ISP Fusion. This connection will provide unbreakable VPN.
  • Packet-Level Seamless Failover: Even when a WAN link fails, your sessions will stay active. VoIP calls will continue without interruption.
  • Cellular Backup Connections: Set bandwidth-limited links (3G/4G LTE) to perform hot failover in case your primary link fails.

Hot Failover

With other VPN technologies, WAN failover terminates existing VPN connections, resulting in costly downtime. ISP Fusion Hot Failover maintains secure tunnels over all available WAN links to keep you up and running when a connection drops out. If a WAN link fails, ICE Fusion Hot Failover instantly and seamlessly routes traffic to a working tunnel for uninterrupted VoIP sessions, unbreakable VPNs, and all day, every day productivity.



ISP Fusion products are designed from the outset with industry leading security features built in. With dual boot firmware capability, 256bit AES VPN encryption as standard, and all of the most insecure features (that often are enabled on other vendor devices) disabled by default, your network is as safe as it can be right from the start. We also provide:
  • URL Logging
  • Content Blocking
  • Web Filtering Blacklists
  • Guest Protection of Subnets

Experience Swordfish ISP Fusion

Your experience with us matters. Our U.S. based support team provides an attentive and thoughtful customer support experience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Certain things in life just need to be experienced – this is one of them. Get To Know Swordfish>>


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