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The Best Feature Set

Over 100 enterprise grade features at a SMB price


Our powerful set of productivity-enhancing features is a game changer

Saving money on a business phone service is easy when you’re not being nickel and dimed to death. Swordfish delivers a Fortune 500 business phone service at a set monthly cost with no capital expense or “gotcha” add-on charges. And with over 100 features to work with, you can customize to fit your business’ exact needs. We have included a brief summary of the most popular ones in the table below for your review. If you don’t see the one you are looking for, call us at 833-SMB-VOIP and we’ll discuss it.

callmanagementCustomize your business phone service settings and automated system so your callers have a pleasant and productive experience contacting you. Ensure you don’t miss calls and that your team has the most advanced features at their command.

3-Way Calling

3-Way Calling makes small scale conferencing quick and easy, allowing you to add a third caller into your current discussion. All this can be done without dialing into the Conference Bridge, maximizing your team’s efficiency and productivity during business collaboration.

Area Code Matching

Match your outbound calls area code to the area code of the location you are calling. This ensures prospects know your services extend out to their location.






























  • Ability to purchase multiple phone numbers
  • We match the rate center and area code to the number you are calling
  • Gives sales and marketing teams a local presence

How Area Code Matching Helps Your Business When matching your outbound calls area code to prospects, you establish familiarity and trust with the clientele of that location. With this feature those benefits extend beyond your physical location and allow you to reap the resulting rewards of using local area codes. This also has the added benefit of unifying your offices which may be in multiple locations.

Area Code Routing

The Integrated Call Exchange allows calls to be forwarded automatically to the right employee, ACD queue, or business location before it even gets answered – based on the calling party’s area code.

Call Waiting

A beep notifies you of an additional incoming call, when you are on the line with another client. Effectively managing multiple inbound calls is essential to smooth business operations. This feature allows your team to professionally organize and manage their individual calls, while staying on the line and staying on task.

Call Flip

Seamlessly transfer or forward calls between your deskphone and your cell phone with no interrupted or dropped calls. Call Flip allows you to go exactly where you need to be: on the move. When schedules are tight and you are on the go, transfer a call between your desk phone and mobile phone, without having to hang up or redial. Alternatively, if you are just getting to your desk and wish to transfer your mobile call to your desk phone, you can do so with just the press of a button. Callers on the line won’t know when you flip the call, allowing you to keep focused on what really matters: your conversation.

Call Park

Calls can be parked in a private lot and picked up later according to the parking lot preferences. This can be very useful when you want to put multiple callers on hold and allow these calls to be picked up by someone else.

Call Screening

Take complete control over who can reach your company. Take calls from particular callers, block specific numbers, and send others directly to voicemail.

Call Forwarding

Always be in the right place at the right time to take calls. Call Forwarding is completely transparent to the caller and makes it possible for your company to be on-call, all the time.

Call Transfer

Transfer inbound calls to any extension in your system or to any telephone number. Seamlessly transfer calls between team members or departments to ensure your caller gets on the line with the right person, every time. You can use this feature on any phone we provide, including your mobility app.


Chat with others in the system directly from your ICE Control Panel. Chat is a convenient and effective feature that keeps your team working like a team. Chat allows anyone in the office with the ICE Control Panel to contact each other during the times when an email or phone call isn’t necessary.

Conference Bridge

The ICE platform provides access to a Conference Bridge for employees to connect with customers, no matter their location.

  • Use Xpedeus numbers to port over your own conference number
  • Create conference rooms for employees or departments
  • Multiple conference calls can happen simultaneously
  • Outside lines can call in to the conference
  • Can be accessed as a virtual office extension

The Conference Bridge allows large groups of people to participate in phone calls alleviating all limitations of group communication. Unlike 3-Way Calling, a conference bridge provides a virtual meeting room where groups or individuals can dial in to join a large group call, while also providing the tools to manage calls of this size.

Complete Caller ID

Get all the information about the calling party before you answer with Complete Caller ID. The Cloud 9 service provides calling party name look up if the calling party is sending out a correct telephone number. You can optionally use multiple sources online to get as much information as possible before answering a call.

Direct Phone Numbers

Opt to use Direct Phone Numbers, local to those you call most, for your Cloud 9 service. They are unique ten-digit numbers for a specific user, department, location, or conference line. With Direct Phone Numbers, you can opt to have people contact your employees directly, eliminating the need for Auto-Attendants to operators transferring calls. Businesses that elect this option are not required to have a physical address to match the area code they wish to use, but extensions are still required.

Hot Desking

 Use any phone at the office as any extension, using personalized login information and settings.

  • Phones customize to personalized settings
  • Login information only requires a phone number & password
  • Work from any office phone without losing information

Hot Desking ensures that your team is never phased by changing locations and can continue business as usual, no matter what phone is being used. If your business has satellite offices or shift work, users can enter their login information to any phone, at any location. Call centers and organizations that cannot allocate their budget on individual handsets love this feature.

International Numbers

International Numbers from around the globe are now available. Using International Numbers gives your company a “local presence” in countries where you do business*. With Cloud 9, you have the ability to take international calls locally and take your business to the next level. *Not available in all countries and limitations apply. Contact us for details.

Missed Call Notification

Receive notifications for missed calls via a small blinking light and an on screen summary of the number of calls. Even our most simple features, such as Missed Call Notification, are mindfully designed tools that optimize your business communications and help your company thrive. Keeping on top of your inbound calls keeps your team on top of their business communications and keeps your business on track.

One Number Access

Streamline business phone numbers by utilizing the same number for phone, fax and mobility. When you are optimizing your business, you don’t need to waste time trying to communicate multiple phone numbers on business cards or media. With One Number Access, you have one less thing to worry about. Both your clients and your team can call or fax on the same number, uninterrupted.


Paging lets you make real-time, one-way announcements to multiple desk phones and overhead paging devices.

Pre-Answer Messages

Append a pre-recorded message so the calling party or the called party (or both) can receive information prior to the call being connected.

  • Alert inbound and outbound callers the call may be recorded
  • Comply with industry compliance regulations
  • Customize recordings on a per extension level

Pre-Answer Messages enables your company to communicate important and often times, industry mandatory messages before any communication happens with an outside caller. With fully customizable options, you can enable this feature on a per extension level, for certain call groups or company-wide with options for the same or different recordings for each use case your company may have.

Toll Free Numbers

Choose a Toll-Free Number from us or port over a current number to strengthen national presence.

  • Options for 800, 888, 877, 855, or a toll-free vanity number
  • Inbound calls directed to any extension or department

Toll-Free Numbers foster a strong national presence and bolster client reach beyond just a local influence. Current and prospective customers in North America are able to contact your business via a number that exudes professionalism and credibility.

cloud9pbxOur hosted service for your business revolutionizes your office phone system administration, call management, and user and caller experience with multiple business features—all at a fraction of the cost of outdated PBX hardware.

Auto Attendant (Virtual Assistant)

The auto-attendant is a standard feature. It can be programmed to initially answer the incoming calls, eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist. Callers hear a custom business greeting and then are given options for routing their calls based on time and day of week schedules. It is also handy as a back-up answering feature or even as a “virtual assistant” at the extension level.

Call Groups

Direct inbound calls to ring a predetermined group of extensions, determined by you.

  • Inbound calls directed to departments or other pre-determined groups
  • Unanswered calls default to your choice of phone numbers
  • Ability to add external numbers to Call Groups

Call Groups allow your sales and support team to successfully manage a high volume of calls. Inbound calls ring on all phones included in your Call Group and stop when the first phone is answered, making certain the call is directed to the most prepared team member. By including the numbers of multiple employees or sales teams in your Call Groups, your team can make and take more calls.

Call Blocking

Identify your callers and control who reaches you with Call Blocking.

  • Built and managed by our system, automatically
  • Add/remove names on demand

Call Blocking lets you curate your inbound phone communication and manage your business calls. Answer desired calls with the information you need to provide friendly and professional interaction by establishing a rapport with recurring callers.

Call Recording

Record inbound/outbound calls for select extensions, departments, or the entire office.

  • Recordings automatically stored in the User Control Panel
  • Download recordings or listen to them in the portal
  • Set filtering options to navigate large volumes of recordings

Call Recording offers limitless utility for businesses. Recordings are used for training purposes, meeting company security or compliance requirements and improving customer service management. Sales and support teams can use Call Recording as a tool to reflect and expand on their sales tactics.

Custom Recordings

Custom Recordings give your callers a chance to familiarize themselves with your brand and learn about your business in a professional and friendly way. Customizing your voicemail and/or Auto-Attendant is a mindful way to let your callers and customers get to know you before you answer their call.

Day/Night/Temp Modes

Create exclusive rules during business hours, after hours, or holidays. Use the SB Control Panel or feature keys to toggle between the modes. Day/Night/Temp Modes let you set routes for specific times such as business hours, after hours, holidays, or closures. Cut the time and energy required for setting these routes every day and let us do the work.

Dynamic Caller ID

Opt to present any pre-selected phone number as your outbound identity. Dynamic Caller ID lets you control your business identity on outbound calls. This can be particularly helpful when you have multiple company numbers but desire all returned calls to go to one phone number or if you are calling that hard to reach contact.

Internet Fax

 Send and receive faxes from a web portal and/or receive faxes over email via an attached PDF.

  • Send/receive faxes through any extension
  • Receive inbound fax as PDF attachments
  • Block junk fax & fax from unknown recipients
  • Send multiple documents & attachments in the same fax
  • Track the status of your fax in real time
  • View fax history in the User Control panel

Internet Fax allows you to send and receive paperless faxes through email and/or a web portal. No more busy signals, costly hardware, paper, toner, or waiting. Easily send and receive paperless faxes via email.

Music or Message on Hold

Greet callers with music or special marketing messaging.

  • Set your own music or messaging
  • Use preloaded music samples or upload your own
  • Set rules for alternate music & messaging

Replace wait-time silence or beeps with something your callers actually want to listen to. With Music or Message on Hold you can opt to include music or special marketing messages so your customers can get a feel for your brand identity while they are waiting in the queue.

Multi-Site Connectivity

Provide uniform phones and settings across your entire business have seamless call routing between offices. Multi-Site Connectivity ensures your business communications are uniform across all satellite offices. This fosters consistent customer support and united brand identity.

Number Porting

Keep current company phone numbers after adopting the Xpedeus phone system. Number Porting keeps your business phone number consistent while changing service providers. By porting your business numbers over to our platform your most loyal clientele will remain unaffected in the transition.

Presence Management

Let others know if you are busy, available, or offline. Office phones alert you when the line is occupied. ICE Control allows multiple options to communicate your status in real time to your team members across the entire network.

Prepend Caller ID

Assign an alpha numeric identifier to an office, department, group or individual. With Prepend Caller ID, you can assign names to certain numbers, such as Sales or Billing. This way your team knows who the caller is trying to contact before you answer the call.

Queue Call Back

Offer to call your customers back instead of them waiting on hold.

  • Gives callers a chance to do other things
  • Frees up bandwith on your end
  • Friendly call backs are welcomed
  • Add a personalized touch to your operations

Queue Call Back offers your callers on hold the option to escape the queue, leave their number then receive a call back when an agent has been freed up. This is a great option for those caller who can’t or won’t be on hold. Plus when your agent returns a call, people feel like they are not being ignored while being able to get more done in the mean time. This feature adds a professional touch to your company which customers love.

Queue Information

Swordfish gives you the option to play music from a broad selection of styles while callers wait or to play a custom informational or promotional message. The music and message can be different from queue to queue and you get wide flexibility in when to use the recordings. It can even tell them what number they are in line or the approximate wait time until their call will be answered.

Real Time Monitoring

Effective management of a call center often means knowing what is happening all the time. By monitoring call activity, managers can move assets from one queue to another as needed, or know when they need to get extra help.

Skills Based Routing

Assign skills to agents and automatically route calls based on skill levels. Skills-Based Routing automatically routes inbound calls to the best fit team member, assuring your callers receive the best customer service every time. Administrators add skill levels to agents based on experience, knowledge and more.

Time Conditions

Set specialized schedules for your phone system with Time Conditions.

  • Set system events based on time conditions
  • Specific rules for weekends, holidays, or other period
  • Calls received after hours route to preset destination

Keep your business sounding professional no matter the time or day. Time Conditions allow you to set specific schedules for routing incoming calls. When you are out of the office, inbound calls are directed to the appropriate failover destination, which you preselect.

messagecloudToday’s business messaging environment requires flexibility. With Swordfish, you can create and modify voicemail inboxes and greetings for large and small businesses with ease. Access your voicemails with the latest tools for receiving messages in the format of your choice.

Business SMS Texting

Now you can send and receive text messages from your business number. Maintain your professional identity with business contacts on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. No need to use your personal number for texts, Cloud 9 offers a professional text solution. Send messages from your business phone number to colleagues, clients, and departments.

Visual Voicemail

Check voicemails anywhere via a web portal on the Cloud 9 service. the User Control Panel. Located in the User Control Panel, Visual Voicemail eliminates the need to call your voice mailbox. Don’t limit yourself to your phone when you need to check voicemail.


 On our service, Voicemail is accessible from anywhere with only mobile device and Internet connection.


  • Manage Voicemail via Visual Voicemail or Smart Phone App
  • Check Voicemail directly from a desk phone
  • Forward Voicemail to other extensions
  • Send Voicemail to Email

Each user has the option to set up a voicemail box. Administrators can set up mailboxes for teams or departments, such as “Sales” or “Support”, so voicemail messages always get to the right person. Users have the ability to customize Voicemail settings specific to their needs.

Voicemail to Email

Get voicemail notifications sent to your Email when out of the office and listen to it by choosing the audio file compatible with your mobile device. Being on the move means that you don’t always have time to dial into your voicemail box to check messages. With Voicemail to Email, you are sure to stay up to date with Voicemail.

Voicemail Notify

Allows an individual or a group to be notified and optionally accept responsibility for a voicemail. Additionally, notifications can be sent out when someone claims responsibility for the voicemail.

Voicemail Transcription

Read your voicemail messages from your Email. Transcribed voicemails can be sent to your email since there are times when listening to a voicemail is not feasible.

Voice Talent

Professional voice talent for recording your voicemail, auto-attendant, or call waiting announcements are available through your account and you get the first five minutes free. Xpedeus has made it easy to create a professional greeting to improve your caller’s experience and strengthen your brand identity. We have a variety of different voice artists that you can work with to create your recording.

mobilityYour cloud-based office phone system is ready to travel on your mobile devices of choice, including your laptops and cell phone. Work where you want and how you want with convenient smartphone features that put your business in the palm of your hand.

Call Me Button for Websites

 Keep your business communications competitive in a modern world with the “Call Me” Website Button.Website visitors enter their phone number in a field on your page when they wish to call you. When the number is submitted, your line rings, once you pick up, it dials out their number. All you need is a web developer to implement a small bit of code on your website, and it is ready to go! Your clients will love this convenient and easy way of getting in touch with you.

Find Me, Follow Me

Automatically forward calls to cell phones and/or other lines when your extension isn’t answered. You can forward calls to multiple numbers and choose to ring all of them simultaneously or sequentially. Work doesn’t always happen at the desk so Swordfish service ensures you stay connected, no matter where you are. Your inbound calls can now follow you to your mobile device, or any other phone number you select. Instead of missing calls while you’re on the go, your contacts can reach you automatically.

Mobile Apps

With our iPhone and Android Bria apps you can use your current mobile device as a business phone.


  • Answer business calls from mobile devices
  • Mask your cellular caller ID and send out your company’s instead
  • Transfer calls in your office using Extension Dialing
  • Pick up Parked Calls or desk to desk with Intercom Calling

Mobility is one of the major advantages of a cloud phone system, and our use of Mobile Apps Android/iOS plays a large role our capacity to deliver mobile business phone solutions. At Swordfish, we have a partnerships with iPhone/iPad/Android applications providers that allow you to use mobile business phones or tablets, just as you would an office desk phone.


Make/receive business calls from your computer or mobile device. Softphones give your business the mobility it needs to thrive. Never be locked down to a desk again and get the most out of your business communications without using a personal phone number or, as a matter of fact, a telephone.

Virtual Assistant

Expand your phone system’s reach with a personal automated attendant with a flexible phone menu that connects to your employees with self-service access for clients.

Virtual Extensions

Virtual Extensions were designed for those who are outside of the office as much as they are inside. If you are always on the go, this feature is for you. It is especially useful for field technicians or satellite offices. Virtual Extensions allow your team to take calls, no matter their location.

Virtual Office

Work from anywhere using Cloud 9 service. Forward calls to mobile phones, use apps or softphones and the SB Control Panel to “do office” on the go. Virtual Office allows your business communications to go where you go. You can forward calls to any selected phone with our Find Me/Follow Me feature. Use SB Control and User Control Panel to manage, make, and receive calls anywhere with a web browser. Use your iPhone/iPad/Android just like you would a desk phone with our Bria Application to make and receive business calls without customers knowing your personal cell phone number. Virtual Office offers limitless benefits for businesses that are on the move.

reportsGenerate historical call analysis and trending metrics to gain insights into call usage and help improve business performance. Get all the information you need to empower your communications.

Call History via UCP

The Call History section of UCP allows you to see all inbound and outbound calls for your user and listen to any call recordings that are associated with that call.


Call Detail Reports

Call Detail Records is the feature your business needs to guarantee you get the most out of our service. Increase the accountability of your team checking the overall use for specific extensions when there are questions on usage. You can filter the Call Details by specific area codes to determine if a targeted region is responding to a marketing campaign. The utility of this feature is limitless and able to be configured to meet your needs.


SB Control

The SB Control Panel lets you see detailed system activity, like who is talking and to whom, call duration, held calls, queued calls, etc. It lets you control your phone and perform transfers, launch call monitor and whisper, handle queue activity and more. It displays two lines per phone and held call status, so you can see exactly what is going on.

Benefits for Receptionists

  • Developed with a receptionist in mind. All actions are available within two clicks of the mouse.
  • See who is available or not.
  • Transfer directly to destination extension, voicemail or external numbers.
  • Ability to pickup ringing phones.
  • Manage and visualize parked calls.
  • Realtime search and filter of extensions (great for large companies with hundreds of extensions).

Benefits for Call Center Supervisors

  • Not only you can see extension status, but also a quick glimpse of queues.
  • See agents logged into a queue.
  • See agent status (paused, logged off, invalid).
  • See every call waiting on the queue with its timer.
  • Manage agents: add, remove or pause queue members.
  • Filter extension list to only queue members with one click.
  • Monitor or whisper to your agents.
  • Initiate call recording to disk.

Benefits for End Users

  • Call notifications (callerid number and name, call from queue).
  • Directory integration, live search or dial to any typed number.
  • Call control: transfer out, hangup, pickup, etc.
  • Conference Control: lock, invite, kick & mute, talk detection.
  • Presence: set and visualize your presence status.
  • IM Chat: Instant Messaging and Notes integrated, no need for extra software.
  • Voicemail Explorer: lets you browse and hear your voicemail right from your browser.




Swordfish has implemented a dashboard so our customers can completely customize the way they get their reports. It provides:



  • Enhanced reporting for users who utilize call queues
  • New dashboard wizard that helps create customizable reports with drag & drop widgets
  • Filter call queues on your schedule by day, week, and/or month
  • Create dashboard views that can be completely customized, named, and persisted permanently

The dashboard provides a flexible UI, report, and call scheduling customization. For customers who use call queues across a large number of agents, dashboard can be used to collect and organize the data needed to help your business operate more efficiently.


systemsSwordfish offers widespread business support by being easily administered across all your locations, incorporates all your users, includes diverse calling options and integrates your preferred accessories or devices smoothly.

Central Number

With Swordfish, you can present a unified company image under one central telephone number. All of your employees-whether in a central office, branch offices, home offices, or traveling-are reachable through your main number.

True Scalability

Some companies, believing they will eventually need more capability than a small telephone system can offer, over-buy and over-pay early on. With Swordfish, you pay as you grow.

Real Time Monitoring

You can find out what’s happening with your phone system at any time through our portal tools. Check on call activity, callers waiting, employee phone activity, and more – all in real time. Don’t wait to find out what you need to know to improve your service to customers, find out now.

Never a Busy Signal

Many companies find that they need to add more phone lines to keep their system from ringing busy when call traffic is high. Calls placed to your business through Swordfish are processed in our data center, where we can design your number to never ring busy…unless you want it to.

Disaster Avoidance

In the event of the unthinkable we have you covered. Swordfish ensures callers have continuous communication with your business, even in a disaster. Your incoming calls can be instantly re-directed to another location (second office, home, cell, anywhere) to maintain business continuity. Rest assured, your backup plan is already in place.

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