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We Have the Capability to Handle Your Enterprise’s Communication

Enterprise customers demand more from their communications systems. Understanding this, Swordfish has developed great features along with powerful tools for managing and supporting your voice communication systems. Our 99.999% up-time guarantee along with fail over tools and 24x7 expert, locally based customer support, means you’ll always have someone to turn to in case you need assistance.

The average enterprise manages hundreds of employees working at different locations across the country with many of them completely mobile. They have to field thousands of calls every day and need a communications system that can handle anything and everything required of it immediately. Swordfish has that capability and provides:

  • The best feature set available with a satisfaction guarantee delivered at the lowest cost, period
  • A completely scalable solution from 20 to 20,000 phones on one platform for all operations
  • Locally based service with 2 hour emergency response time and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance
  • Enterprise grade features such as Unified Communications, Unified Contact Centers, Integrated Mobility, Military Grade Encryption, as well as many others are included


Features Designed For Your Enterprise Business

Having a contact center is a great way to enhance the productivity of your sales, technical, or customer care departments. Our ACD queues can answer multiple calls and distribute them to agents using custom parameters. Plus, management and administrators have access to detailed reports and statistics that provide incredible insight into calling patterns and behavior. This lets you maximize resources and improve customer satisfaction whether you have 1 or 100 answering postions.

Some of the Basic Features Include:

  • Even load distribution across all agents whether in an office or working remote
  • Automatic queue overflow during heavy traffic periods
  • Intelligent wait announcements give average hold times or place in line to callers in queue
  • Call monitoring, recording and coach whispering are excellent training tools for management
  • SB Control allows real time monitoring of queue and employee activity as well as agent presence
  • Play music or custom promotional messages while callers wait that are unique to each queue

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Send and receive email in your web portal and/or receive faxes over email via an attached PDF.

  • Send/receive faxes through any extension
  • Receive inbound fax as PDF attachments
  • Block junk fax and fax from unknown recipients
  • Send multiple documents & attachments in the same fax
  • Track the status of your fax in real time
  • View fax history in the UCP

Internet Fax from Swordfish allows you to send and receive paperless faxes through email and/or your Web Portal. No more busy signals, costly hardware, paper, toner, or waiting. Easily send and receive paperless faxes via email.


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You can automatically or manually record calls that come in to your business and keep track of your business related happenings.

Record inbound/outbound calls for select extensions, departments, or the entire office.

  • Recordings automatically stored in our data center
  • Download recordings or listen to them in the User Control Panel
  • 1GB of storage included for free
  • Set filtering options to navigate large volumes of recordings

Call Recording offers limitless utility for businesses. Recordings are used for training purposes, meeting company security or compliance requirements, and improving customer service management. Sales and support teams can use Call Recording as a tool to reflect and expand on their sales tactics.


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The Swordfish platform provides access to a Conference Bridge for employees to connect with customers, no matter their location.

  • Use Swordfish numbers or port over your own conference number
  • Create conference rooms for employees or departments
  • Manage the bridge via the ICE Control web portal in real time
  • Multiple conference calls can happen simultaneously
  • Outside lines can call in to the conference
  • Can have up to 32 parties in a bridge

How a Conference Bridge Helps Your Business

Our Conference Bridge allows large groups of people to participate in phone calls alleviating all limitations of group communication. Unlike 3-Way Calling, a Conference Bridge provides a virtual meeting room where groups or individuals can dial in to join a large group call, while also providing the tools to manage calls of this size.


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Use any phone at the office to continue business calls, using personalized login information and settngs.

  • Phones customize to personalized settings
  • Login information only requires a phone number and password
  • Work from any office phone without losing information
  • Configured on the UCP web portal

How Hot Desking Helps Your Business

Hot Desking ensures that your team is never phased by changing locations and can continue business as usual, no matter what phone is being used. If your business has satellite offices or shift work, users can enter their login information to any phone, at any location. Call centers and organizations that cannot allocate their budget on individual headsets find great utility with this feature.


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Small doesn’t mean basic. Your phone system stays up to date with new features as we make them.


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