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2017 has been a banner year in regards to providing businesses with reasons for the continued migration away from legacy communications technology and toward open, cloud-based business VOIP. We have seen Avaya declare bankruptcy, Toshiba close their telecom division, the FCC give AT&T permission to move off the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and some major telecom companies increase their already extremely heavy debt load to merge with or acquire other entities.

Most industry experts agree that now is an excellent time to move to current cloud based business VOIP if you haven’t already. Most everyone knows that this technology allows the business entities to cut down their cost of calling and take advantage of innovative features not found in the legacy PSTN. However, there additional benefits and they must be substantial because, according to a recent Forbes’s Report, over 88% of U.S. corporations are using the public cloud in some capacity and it is estimated that over 40% have moved to cloud based business VOIP. That impressive adoption rate has mainly occurred in the last seven years.

If you are still hardware-based, you are missing the many benefits cloud-based business VOIP can offer you. Check out some reasons to make the switch and get your head off the ground and in the cloud:

It Grows as You Do

Since you aren’t shackled by hardware with the cloud, you can scale and adjust as needed. All of your needs are off-premises and remote, meaning you can use as much (or as little) of the service as you deem appropriate for your business instantly. No more waiting on hardware to be “installed” or “implemented.” This gives small business owners a real edge above their competitors.


Say something horrible happens, like a natural disaster (e.g. Hurricane Irma) or an accident and all of your company’s data and voice assets are affected.Having a cloud-based business VOIP solution means your business voice communications will not be impaired and your information is available from anywhere since it is backed-up in a Data Center with Internet connection.

You Lower Your Costs

Who doesn’t like to hear they can save money? As we have said before, regardless of your needs, not having to buy hardware alone can save you considerable cash. All you do is pay a subscription every month to maintain your services in the cloud. Setting up has never been easier and you don’t have to depend on an IT department or telecom vendor to do everything anymore.

Real-Time Updates and Support

Back in the day, telecom vendors used to boast of their solutions being “evergreen”. That was code for them that meant they could keep their pockets lined with their customer’s cash by charging for maintenance, upgrades and MACs “forever”. Those days are gone! You can breathe easy once you make the move.


To wrap it all up in one question, why shouldn’t you make the switch? There are far more reasons to than not.

Are you ready? Implementing a cloud-based business VOIP solution will benefit your business.For more information, contact Swordfish Business to check out the services we offer.